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Thomas J. Crummy Landscaping design services are often called upon by professionals such as architects or building contractors when new-build projects or developments are being planned or undertaken. We can advise and offer assistance from developing the concept and planning the work to costing the assignment and ultimately undertaking the work if required. 

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Consultation Package

  • Project Inspection
  • Client Brief & Consultation Including Portfolio Review
  • No Drawing Provided with this Package
  • Package average within 50km is €123 -depending on location.

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The 'Chestnut' Design Package

  • Project Inspection
  • Client Brief & Consultation Including Portfolio Review
  • Preparation of Project Sketch
  • Preparation of Quotation
  • Package Average €350 + VAT @ 23% (depending on size of site & location)


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The 'Oak' Design Package

  • Project Inspection
  • Client Brief & Consultation Including Portfolio Review
  • Comprehensive Scaled Hard Landscaping Master Plan
  • Comprehensive Scaled Soft Landscaping Master Plan
  • All-Inclusive Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Itemised Quotation
  • Package Average from€1,500 +VAT @ 23% (depending on size of site & location)

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Client Requirements

  • Provide ‘As-Built’ Scaled Site Layout Map at 1:500 or 1:250 (Hard Copy or Auto CAD)
  • If Site Layout Map if not available, TJCL can arrange for Site Survey at an agreed cost
  • Completed Company Client Brief including approximate Budget – temporarily unavailable online- please email request for this form to be e-mailed out to you
  • Planning Permission for all proposed works is the responsibility of the Property Owner

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We employ new technology to offer clients an efficient service that enables them to visualise the final product accurately. Through using Computer Aided Design we can email landscaping and planting plans and designs quickly to our professional services partners in order to meet tendering or planning deadlines and ensure customer satisfaction. We still carry out a lot of design work by hand, something which some people have a preference for.

At Thomas J. Crummy Landscaping we can meet all your landscape gardening needs. Our team can undertake hard and soft landscaping tasks with expertise and care. We advise all of our customers to employ a professional when it comes to designing your garden. Nobody asks a builder to build a house without plans, why should your garden be any different? Treat the project with the same care and attention you gave to your home construction. Thomas J. Crummy Landscaping can offer this service, as Landscape Business of the Year 2010-2011 & 2013/2014, you can be sure of a great service and have confidence in your garden investment.

Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping is the term used to describe planting, setting lawns and irrigating ground. It is the soft landscaping that often captures the senses with the colourful sights of flowering plants and the wafting smells of natural scents.

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping refers to the construction work involved in achieving the perfect garden for each client. Hard landscaping might involve your driveway, laying patios, paving, building different type walls, ponds or installing garden lighting for safety and atmospheric purposes! It is in marrying hard and soft landscaping seamlessly that we create the ideal garden for each of our clients!

Contact us today to see what magic our garden designers can create for you! Phone us at 0719663086 or email

Bord Bia Landscape Business of the Year 2013/2014. The winner of the landscape business of the year runs a very efficient operation and is constantly striving to better his organisation through training initiatives, both for himself and his staff and through staff engagement in the business. The paperwork systems are exemplary, the attention to detail is superb and there is an excellent monitoring of inputs. The company is also very customer led, utilising creative techniques to market itself and has consistently scored highly since joining the audit programme
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