Soil Analysis & Fertiliser Programme

Soil analysis is the first step towards achieving a healthy sports pitch. The condition of the pitch is directly related to the condition of the soil, so having a professional soil analysis conducted will help to customise your pitch care programme in order to obtain optimum results.

A detailed soil analysis will identify exactly what the pH of your soil is and what nutrients should be applied. Following the soil analysis a detailed fertiliser programme can be developed that best meets the needs of the pitch.

Pitch maintenance programmes that start with an accurate soil analysis are key to thick green turf grass, which then becomes harder wearing and more durable. Applying the right nutrients at the right time is a smarter way of feeding the turf – the turf gets exactly what it needs at the right time. All this saves time, and perhaps more significantly reduces the amount of nutrients required by the turf thereby saving money.

Using the correct fertiliser programme based on a detailed soil analysis has also been proven to improve the long term health of the turf and assists the pitch to recover more quickly after a long period of play – the pitch can therefore be used more frequently – so no more cancelled games due to a poor pitch! Using Control Release Fertilisers assures even growth rate ease of management and less stress on grass.

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