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Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Consider your landscape as an investment. You spend money on it and you expect a return on it whether it is a residential or commercial site.

A well maintained landscape will increase the value of residential property and can create and maintain a positive impression for commercial clients.  Also see our Garden Design Packages available.

Garden by Thomas Crummy Sligo.

ALCI All Ireland Best Private Garden Maintenance Award

Landscapes require maintenance in order to ensure that you can continue to derive enjoyment and project the desired image for as long as possible. Whilst our expert planning can alleviate much of the maintenance burden, there will always remain some work to be done. Your garden is growing, living & open to the elements after all!

In 2009 we were awarded the highest accolade and received the ALCI All Ireland Best Private Garden Maintenance award for this garden located at Radhairc na Ri, Rosses Point, Co. Sligo.

We know that people love looking at wonderful gardens but do not always have the time to maintain them, so Thomas J. Crummy Landscaping (2009 All Ireland Best “Private Garden Maintenance Contractor) dedicated maintenance team can undertake routine garden maintenance for you or assist you with certain tasks.
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"In the past 2 years, I have visited Thomas' business 4 times in my role as an auditor for Bord Bia and on each visit I have been extremely impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail and customer focus. I visit plenty of landscapers each year, particularly in the UK and I can safely say that Thomas' company is one of the best I have seen in the last five years"


"This is definitely one of the best large front gardens that we have seen over the 5 years of judging. Essentially, a soft landscaping project, the client agreed to a complete transformation of a front lawn on a busy road. The bold planting scheme uses pleached limes and large groups of single coloured plants in dramatic blocks with evergreens and clipped box to maintain year-round interest"


Thomas J Crummy Landscaping, upgraded, redesigned and replanted my garden recently, I found this team, professional, friendly ,just a joy to work with. What was striking was, that they took pride in what they were doing. There was ample opportunity for discussion and exchanging ideas. My garden is now completed. It’s an uplifting, delightful peaceful place. Thank you Thomas and your team"