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Over Seeding

Over Seeding Follows Scarification

Once scarification has taken place, over seeding is the next logical step.

Disc Seeder

Over-seeding using a disc seeder

Why apply new seed to what may appear as normal turf? The simple answer is that grass is not immortal and generally there will be a reduction in sward density in the centre of the pitch (as it gets the most use).

After five or six years, the grass plant’s reproduction rate slows, which then enables weeds to establish in the turf. Over-seeding compensates for the natural slow down in turf reproduction.

There are two major benefits to over-seeding on a regular basis:

  1. The turf remains thick and dense, therefore more hard wearing and playable
  2. The turf becomes more disease resistant meaning that money is saved by not having to apply expensive chemicals to combat turf diseases.

New grass varieties come on the market every year, continually improving tolerance and colour. For a pitch that can accommodate more games then consider a scarification and over-seeding programme.

We carry out over-seeding using a disc seeder which puts the seed into the ground resulting in quicker take and less down-time. (Broadcasting seed is cheaper but percentage take is low and down-time is increased).

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Previous Client

"In the past 2 years, I have visited Thomas' business 4 times in my role as an auditor for Bord Bia and on each visit I have been extremely impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail and customer focus. I visit plenty of landscapers each year, particularly in the UK and I can safely say that Thomas' company is one of the best I have seen in the last five years"


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Thomas J Crummy Landscaping, upgraded, redesigned and replanted my garden recently, I found this team, professional, friendly ,just a joy to work with. What was striking was, that they took pride in what they were doing. There was ample opportunity for discussion and exchanging ideas. My garden is now completed. It’s an uplifting, delightful peaceful place. Thank you Thomas and your team"